Forget Crafting, Learn Android Gaming

Hi friends, we no longer support crafting MMORPG Games because they are boring and old. Days of endless hours of MMORPG Gaming is over and android gaming is taking over the world like a storm. Most of these type of games are dead, thanks to the quality gaming that android play store is giving people these days. We are big time supporters of smart phone gaming these days and so we would like to suggest you people some new games today.

A game with 50 million downloads from Play Store called Hungry Shark Evolution is our top pick of the week. We have been playing this game for quite some time and we are quite amazed at the quality of this game. There is no other game that has become so famous so soon,  thanks to their interesting and awesome game play. This game is all about a shark who is hungry and wants to eat everything in the sea. I am glad it did not decide to drink all the water of the sea because then all sea creatures will die. Now whether it is fish, coins or oil or any other stuff, your shark wants to eat them all. It is your duty to make sure it stays safe and does not die. Don’t let the health of the shark become zero or it will die. Eat up as many coins as possible as that will help you buy a lot of in game stuff that are available for purchase. You can even get new sharks with coins but coins are not easy to get. We have unlimited coins and gems though. Want to know how? Visit this hungry shark evolution gems hack software site, it will help you in achieving what we have already achieved.

Another game with over 50 million downloads have also hit our #2 spot for this week. The name of the game is Shadow Fight 2 and it has nothing to do with a shark. In fact in this game you are actually a human who has the desire to kill and destroy all their enemies. This game is all about fighting battles between two people wearing or holding weapons in their hand, wearing an armor and performing new martial arts skills on their enemies. You must win battles and spend the coins that you earn in upgrading the suit of your character as well as to learn new skills. You also get a chance to practice the skills you will learn in the game. The game tells you when it is easy or hard to win a battle, take it’s advice like the ultimate truth and don’t disobey it. If the game says HARD, then try to avoid the fight. If the game says FATAL, then never fight or you will die unnecessarily. Practice, learn new skills and then go back to the fight or sometimes you may need to upgrade certain items. All this requires a lot of coins or gems that takes time to get. Avoid wasting time by using this shadow fight 2 gems hack and get unlimited gems and coins deployed into your account instantly.

Stop Crafting And Play Games!

It is time to stop playing those boring MMORPGs that require so much crafting and stuff and the new age gaming is here with smart phone revolution under way in the world. Now everyone is jumping off those boring games and playing new types of games on their smart phones. With the revolution of smartphones that is going on across the world with everyone migrating from feature phones to smart phones, expect more and more people to come and join the bandwagon of gaming on phones. Today we are going to discuss a few very interesting games that can be played on your smartphone anytime and anywhere, provided you have internet.

What Are These Games?

Dragon City is one such game that is extremely popular among gamers from across the world. With the revolution of smart phone that started back in 2012, and this game coming exactly around then. Due to the great concept in this game, it became very popular. All a game requires is some higher ranking on the play store and it gets millions of downloads. From there it is all about the game and how good it is for it to remain popular and sustain the amount of users. Another important thing for developers to note is that how frequently they are updating or fixing the problems in the game as reported by the users. Active developers solving people’s problems or working on their suggestions are more likely to retain users in a game.


In this game you have multiple dragons in your account to take care for and they are like your characters like you have in role playing games. These dragons are fighters and develop skills as they level up and then they can go into battles for you. Each dragon will have certain strengths and weaknesses, you have to plan accordingly and use them in the battles. Smart players win battles because they know which elements to use against which. Smarter people make use of some sort of script or hack and get everything they want. We found a similar dragon city hack at and we were very happy to have unlimited gems in our account.

Any Other Games To Discuss?

Yes ofcourse, we cannot just discuss one game and let you go. We are going to talk about monster legends now, a fantastic game about monsters, similar to dragon city but with a lot of improved stuff in this game. One thing which was missing in dragon city was adventure map where computer enemies are there for battles. Previously you could only battle other players in the battle arena but now you can also fight computer bosses in the adventure map. The game has also improved level of fighting with better graphics and more skills and other improved stuff. There are many other things that have improved in the game but one factor is so bad and that is the breeding time that has increased greatly. Due to this we were forced to look for a monster legends hack and thankfully we found it at With the hack we are able to reduce the breeding time to nearly zero now.

Wonderful Crafting Game To Play

Dear Readers of,

Today we are going to speak on a really important topic and that topic is the game Dragon City. Dragon City is recognized as one of the best strategy crafting related game of 2015 and that is why we have chosen this game as the game to discuss for today. Lotro Crafting Team has decided to share with you all the details about this game so you can better understand the game before you begin playing. Now go ahead and install the game on your phone already and be ready.

Dragon City is a game of Dragons and if you enjoy the dragon stuff then you will like the game. This is your one and only chance to interact and enjoy with Dragons that died off millions of years ago. Now we don’t have a time machine to go back in time so let us enjoy with what is in front of us. In Dragon City we have lots of Elements of Dragons and each element has it’s own unique powers. Each new dragon will begin with their own element and from there you can breed and make a dragon of two elements. We call them hybrid dragons that belong to two elements at least. You will notice that except two elements together all the rest of the elements can go together to form a hybrid. Sometimes you may get a rare hybrid which means you combined two elements that rarely combine. Rare Hybrids are stronger dragons but not as strong as Legendary and Executive.

If you are planning to get Legendary dragon then you will need to get your hands on Pure Dragon too. If you don’t have any Pure Dragon then you will require different types of rare hybrids to combine and give you an execute or a legendary. The idea is to get as many of these strong dragons as possible because only then it is possible to win battles. As you will proceed in the game you will fight a lot of pvp battles. You will also learn that breeding dragon city is important and it is the most important part of the game. The developers have suggested that the most important goal in this game is to get as many strong dragons as possible and that is not possible without breeding. The only other way to get your hands on Legendary Dragons is when you can spend lavishly on the game. Not many have the capacity to spend so much real money.

Dragon City is one of the top played games in 2015 with 5million active player base. We are only wondering when the game will cross 10 million active player base? 2016 or 2017? Enjoy folks!

Three Games Worth Your Time has come out with three very fantastic games that are totally worth your precious time. Life is precious and there is no time to waste, so better spend your life playing games which are actually worth playing. Don’t waste the precious time in dumb games.

8 Ball Pool – My favourite real game is playing Pool with friends. We are basically Pool Lovers and we play every weekend, so imagine how happy were we when we found that now we can play a game of pool with our friends or family anytime anywhere. All we need to do is to take out our phone and start playing 8 ball pool. This is called 8 Ball because there are 8 balls for each player in the game and 8th Ball is Black Ball which we need to take care of once we get all the rest of the balls solids or stripes, depends on what we got the first pocket. In this Smart Phone Game of 8 Ball Pool, we need lots of coins to be able to enter big tournaments, so we are using this unlimited coins hack for 8 ball pool and with it’s help we are playing big stakes game now.

Clash Royale: Another real favourite game of ours lately. How about playing a 3 minute war game where you must destroy enemy towers before they destroy yours. Get your own special troops, level them and go on war. Get prizes in form of chests that gives you gold and more cards. If you really want to do well in this game, then learn a few fighting strategies and you will do phenomenal. Clash Royale is all about fast based war which takes minute to finish.

Pixel Gun 3d – Have you ever wanted to play a war game where shooting is the main part of the game. It is time you get down to shooting where you have to shoot your enemies before they shoot you. The basic idea of this game is to have a fast paced battle game with people you like, like friends or family or even unknown people if you desire. In a single player mode, you get to kill lots of zombies before they kill you. Weapons that you choose are totally your choice and thus there is no issue there. Just these weapons don’t come free and cost in game coins, so if you ever are in need of lots of coins then try this unlimited coins hack for pixel gun 3d.

Games To Enjoy

Some of the games that we are willing to discuss today are great games, fun to play and very entertaining to play with family and friends. Have you ever played Roller Coaster Tycoon? It is a strategy game, actually a business strategy game that is very enjoyable and a lot of fun to play. Now think about a racing game like NFS, any good version of the game like Most Wanted. Fun? Yes of course, all the games that we discuss here are a lot of fun to play.

Hill Climb Racing is one such game that has been put up on the list of discussion. It is a unique combination of racing and strategy, planning kind of game. In this game you have to very carefully drive your way through a rough terrain. The biggest challenge in this game is to get as far as you can without killing yourself. The terrain is not a smooth one like other racing games.

The terrain is rough and your vehicle will wobble thus leading to the driver’s neck breaking anytime anywhere. The farthest we have been is 2 kilometers in the game, but it gets really tough beyond that. We have a fully unlocked game, thanks to this coin hack for hill climb racing, it nearly gave us all the coins in the world and we managed to fully by pass the game. Must say, it is a lot more fun to have a fully unlocked game.

Subway Surfers is another game that we are quite fond of. In this game we have managed to collect thousands of coins, no actually millions of coins that helped us fully unlock the game. Do you think it is possible to collect a million coins by endlessly running around hiding from the policeman? Well, not really. We managed to get our hands onto a nice fat coin hack for subway surfers because it was getting impossible to play any further without having a new character or something. Now we are having a lot of fun with a shark and sometimes that music guy. Imagine playing the same game but a lot differently than all the rest of the players. We enjoy so much in this game once we have unlimited skateboards, we almost never die anymore.

Games are fun to play, and we believe that they are more fun when fully unlocked. Now some like challenges, but some don’t. We are in the don’t category of people.

Lotro Presents Android Version Of Games

Hello Lotro friends, today we are going to discuss some Lotro Crafting quality type games that you readers can play. We are looking at playing some really interesting games this summer. Some of the games that we are a big fan of are War based games, simple peace loving games to totally waste our time doing nothing.

Clash of Clans is a war based strategy game that involves a lot of fighting. Now this isn’t your basic war and blood game, here you have to employ correct strategies to win the battle as well as plan your defense so the enemies cannot break through. You will understand when you play this game. You have to build troops, upgrade the troops as well as building defensive buildings and upgrading them. These cost resources, so you must upgrade resource buildings first so they fetch you enough for you to upgrade stuff on your village. With upgraded troops it is easier to break through your enemy village and with upgrade defensive buildings you can stop the onslaught of the enemy. The easiest way to do well in a game like this is to make use of the in game currency to speed up your game. Most top players are heavy gem users and they don’t mind spending tons of money to win. However you may not have to spend so much, you can take a look at long known secret. Now get free coc gems at nearly no cost and absolutely instantly to your account.

Pou is a game that we are really looking forward to play because there is no way I would not play a Virtual Pet Game where the pet is an Alien. For each of the activity like feeding, bathing or playing we get coins. These coins are the most important part of the game as only the coins can help you buy new items in the game and thus without these coins it is nearly impossible to proceed further or let us say enjoy the game further. These coins are really hard to get as you have to get through each activity at a time to earn them. Coins are hard to get and items are expensive. So to cut short the game, we tried to find something that will fetch us lots of coins without us having to shell out tons of money. Then we finally managed to find pou unlimited coins hack that gave us lots of coins totally free.


Crafting Love Today With Love Quotes

We often discuss about crafting but not with respect to love. Love Crafting is an important concept in life as well. Now let us understand what is crafting? Crafting is a way of making or building things up. It is also like taking up something and making it better. Think like a product getting enhanced into something better. Now what is love? Love is a feeling of emotion you get with respect to someone. Love starts with you having a crush on someone and then you try to progress ahead with them. Now using Love Quotes is exactly like crafting on Love. You felt some emotional connect with someone, you start to like them and you shower a few interesting love quotes to craft this situation into something better. Strengthening of love using quotes is as good as crafting.

Why Love Quotes?

Love Quotes are interesting bunch of words that are used to show someone how much you love them. Love Quotes are really strong set of words and must be used wisely in certain situations to strengthen the love effect. When you are in a romantic mood and you want to enjoy the time with your love partner, you can say a nice romantic love quote to make her smile. That romantic smile of theirs will make things really good between the two. Love is a great feeling and if you want to craft that feeling into something bigger, you use love quotes. You can make use of internet to read various love quotes that have been written by authors throughout the century. – love quotes for him is one such website that is really famous for quotes on love.

Using Love Quotes On Different Situations

Prom – Prom is a great way to interact with your friends and specially finding new fancies. Most men and women look really good on their Prom and you may explore that people you thought are bad looking can actually look really good. You will find new crush on that day. Find them and use a quote on them.

Date – Dates are a great place to use love quotes. You really like them and want a relationship with them, use quotes carefully and make it happen.

Apology – Sometimes love quotes can also work as an apology. You made a mistake and want to apologise? Apologize with a love quotes in the end to strengthen your apology.

Romance – The most famous scenario for using love quote is romance. You want to have a great night tonight, you make use of some great love quotes and make them go crazy for you.

Games That Allow Crafting

Today at Crafting Blog, we are going to discuss about games that allows you to craft items and make special and better items that aid your game play in beating your enemies or the computer. Crafting is a technology used in games to make items that you need more powerful and special so it helps you in moving ahead in the game smoothly. Below you will find such crafting games:

Role Playing Games: The best crafting games are these role playing games where you play with a particular character and you need items like sword or armor, gloves etc and all these items can be crafted to make them into something better. These items don’t change but get some abilities added and many times abilities are adding up or subtracting. It is a trial and error kind of thing, if you are lucky, you may max out on added properties.

Monster Legends is one such game where you can craft a lot of items. Here too you start with a character, in this case monsters. Your monsters grow up as you feed them and nurture them, care for them etc. Your monsters are like your characters and they attain some set of skills which will be utilized when you get to fight wars. There are over 100 levels in this game that you need to beat in order to finish the game. On top if it, you have player vs player battles in the battle arena that you need to win as well to gain battle points. There are also tournaments held from time to time that you can win. Here crafting is replicated in the form of breeding. Breeding Monster Legends is an easy task and it requires some time and luck. You are breeding to get the strongest monsters but if you are not lucky, you may end up with a stupid monster that you don’t require. You want legendary monsters and not common monsters in order to win the game.

Clash of Clans too is a crafting game. Here crafting refers to you being able to update your troops and make them better. A new feature was introduced in the game last year where you can enhance your troops into something big and better. These are not simple upgrading troops levels in a building to make them better. That is there, but a new feature of crafting was introduced where in you can really upgrade your troops features into something big. These require a lot of resources, so it can only be done by a player of a very high level. Newbies should focus on playing normal stuff and make account better where as high level players should focus on making their game play better. Another way to proceed quickly in the game is to make use of in game currency called gems. You can get free gems for coc using simple online techniques or by paying real cash or money.

Many other games that we have played in the past also makes it possible to craft. If you remember a famous game called A3 India, it allowed crafting and basically any player who does not wear crafted items would die off very quickly in war. Crafting makes a game more challenging and interesting. Make sure you don’t forget to craft in these games or you will lose out.

Crafting Yourself a Better Game Play

Today we are going to talk about high quality crafting technologies that are being used in the gaming space. We are going to keep the focus of discussion to the latest EA Games sport legendary FIFA 16 game. One of the most famous game launches of all time is this latest flick from FIFA franchise. EA Games have done a tremendous job at developing this game. You will know and understand when you play this game, it feels too realistic, almost like you are playing a real football game on the ground with your friends. The game cinematography is also excellent and it will feel like you are watching some real movie in HD.

Crafting FIFA 16

What is crafting? Crafting is nothing but trying to make your account better by getting those extra stuff. You can craft your FIFA game account by getting extra fifa 16 coins in the game. FIFA uses an in game currency which you can grab for free of cost using an online tool. With those coins, you can purchase a lot of in game content. These in game content are like better players, player enhancements, new jerseys, unlocking new tournaments, places, cities and countries.


Did you know that you can play your FIFA game live multiplayer? Yes, using free Xbox live gold membership account, you can join the largest online live multiplayer gaming server. The best feature of online live gaming is that you can connect, meet and team up with players from across the world. Players from across the world line up to play games on the Xbox server. Nearly 5 million players have bought the Xbox one console and most are buying the live membership codes and connecting to the online server.

Crafting is a really important exercise. Most game developers leave a way for such kinds of manipulation and might even secretly be making money by selling these tools online. So there is nothing wrong about it, quite legal. Use it wisely.

What other games do we play?

We are vocal players and supporters of some of the leading games like Assassins Creed, Call of Duty and Metal Gear Solid. All these three are action adventure games where you are playing a particular character and usually finishing the developer written story. Most of these are single player shooter or fighter games where you play the lead character in the game and finish the story. These games are best when the story line behind the game is excellently written. A bad story can destroy a game playing experience. The urge we get by playing these games is because of the story behind it. A good story keeps us on our toes and we want to continue playing the game to reveal more and more of the story. When the game finishes, we wait for the next one as that one will most likely continue the story ahead. That is how these companies mint money, by selling us a story.

Why do people not see the real picture?

We have often seen Parents discussing about how to stop their kids from playing games. But we have almost never seen parents discussing about any kind of benefit their kid getting out of games. It seems all the parents see games as a distraction and a waste of time. Almost nobody is thinking along the lines that a particular game or attraction of their child can show great potential for his or her future. We have seen how a lot of kids more interested in business tycoon games actually have a strong understanding or interest in doing business.

Similarly we have seen kids who love city building or construction type games, they end up having a strong understanding and interest in the civil space. Many of them also end up becoming civil engineers and land up in architecture or civil construction space. One of our friend used to draw everyday in MS Paint and play games which had beautiful graphics and he used to study that more than playing the game itself. We laughed at him for being silly but today he is a famous designer in a multinational company.

Kids must be allowed freedom, sometimes playing games act as nothing but a stress reliever. A kid is tired of studying and wants to relax a bit, plays some racing type games for an hour, gets stress free and go back to playing games. Parents always want their kids to study hard, but never talk about the pressure or allow them to play games to relieve the pressure. Today we are going to discuss about some gaming consoles and how they can help you in playing games at low price tags.

Sony PlayStation: Sony PS is one of the most widely used and accepted gaming console. Most kids have their own PS, probably got it as a gift on one of their birthdays. The best part of owning a Sony PS is that you directly have access to all the games in the world. Any game which is built even for PS 1 will play on PS 4 today. An interesting fact of PS is that the games also are much cheaper to buy. In fact, if you can get psn codes list, you can grab a lot of games at a much lower cost. It is a good way to try out things before you purchase for real, or simply enjoy? We are currently busy playing Final Fantasy 7 on our brand new PS 4 and we are very happy.

Xbox – This is another gaming console that we like and enjoy playing on. Xbox is slightly expensive to maintain and buy new games. But Xbox is only one that offers playing LIVE feature which makes multiplayer gaming possible. We do overall like the quality of Xbox but PS is simply our favourite.

We hope to cover Nintendo Wii and Xbox in detail next time.