What happens when a gamer goes shopping?

If you have ever played games in your life you will realise what I am about to say. A gamer has a very different mindset than a non gamer when they go shopping. We gamers like to play a demo, finish it and then think if it deserves full purchase. A normal person would just go out, buy stuff and come back home. Now the dilemma for a gamer when going out for shopping is, there IS no trial option there. Once you buy it, the item is yours even if you dislike it a month later.

One of the most important things a gamer likes to see is the cost of the product and money they can save if they go for an alternative product. Now being a gamer myself, I would like to decrease the burden of a gamer when going jewellery shopping.

What is the most important thing to note when going jewellery shopping?

I don’t see a gamer ever opting for a diamond jewellery. But who does not want love diamonds? A diamond ring or a necklace is extremely expensive for a gamer to afford. If you are worried about buying an expensive diamond jewellery, we suggest you to knock off the diamond from your list of purchase. Take a look at the new generation moissanite jewellery which looks just as pretty as a diamond. See moissanite vs diamond to learn about these two products in detail. If you play games and want to save money while doing jewellery shopping, we suggest you to go for moissanite rings or necklaces, these products will give you good value for money and also the pleasure of owning something that looks like a diamond.

Keep two rings next to each other, one a diamond ring and another a moissanite ring, there is 99% chance that you won’t be able to make out a difference between the two products. Once we tested 5 rings, mixed between diamond and moissanite. Most people chose a diamond ring and claimed moissanite and a moissanite ring to be a diamond one. Can you believe it? Now a single person actually gave all answers correctly. Imagine yourself in a party wearing a moissanite at a cost of 10 times less than a diamond and everyone sees you as wearing a diamond one.

We understand what gamers want or care about and thus we are here offering good suggestions. We love you gamers afterall : )

Why do people not see the real picture?

We have often seen Parents discussing about how to stop their kids from playing games. But we have almost never seen parents discussing about any kind of benefit their kid getting out of games. It seems all the parents see games as a distraction and a waste of time. Almost nobody is thinking along the lines that a particular game or attraction of their child can show great potential for his or her future. We have seen how a lot of kids more interested in business tycoon games actually have a strong understanding or interest in doing business. Similarly we have seen kids who love city building or construction type games, they end up having a strong understanding and interest in the civil space. Many of them also end up becoming civil engineers and land up in architecture or civil construction space. One of our friend used to draw everyday in MS Paint and play games which had beautiful graphics and he used to study that more than playing the game itself. We laughed at him for being silly but today he is a famous designer in a multinational company. He designs these amazing car wallpapers today and is making a lot of money for his clients.

Kids must be allowed freedom, sometimes playing games act as nothing but a stress reliever. A kid is tired of studying and wants to relax a bit, plays some racing type games for an hour, gets stress free and go back to playing games. Parents always want their kids to study hard, but never talk about the pressure or allow them to play games to relieve the pressure. Today we are going to discuss about some gaming consoles and how they can help you in playing games at low price tags.

Sony PlayStation: Sony PS is one of the most widely used and accepted gaming console. Most kids have their own PS, probably got it as a gift on one of their birthdays. The best part of owning a Sony PS is that you directly have access to all the games in the world. Any game which is built even for PS 1 will play on PS 4 today. An interesting fact of PS is that the games also are much cheaper to buy. Infact, if you can get psn codes, you can grab a lot of games at a much lower cost. It is a good way to try out things before you purchase for real, or simply enjoy? We are currently busy playing Final Fantasy 7 on our brand new PS 4 and we are very happy.

Xbox – This is another gaming console that we like and enjoy playing on. Xbox is slightly expensive to maintain and buy new games. But Xbox is only one that offers playing LIVE feature which makes multiplayer gaming possible. We do overall like the quality of Xbox but PS is simply our favourite.

We hope to cover Nintendo Wii and Xbox in detail next time.